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You can give your hands a Parisian flair without spending a fortune at the salon, since French tips are fairly easy to paint.Gradient nail art and silver glitter nail art designed in French tips.

If you are a beginner who knows least about how to draw nail art, than my post of tutorials will sort out many of your confusions.Light pink, blue, coral and mint are being perfect colors to polish your nails this year.

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Learn by creating amazing nail designs, create gorgeous GEL manicures and start your own nail business from home.Never, ever buff nails to remove the ridges as it will make the nail bed thinner and sensitive.

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You will need nail image plates, scraper, stamper, base coat, top coat, nail polishes and image plate holder.Whether you like subtle nail art or the more Avant-garde nail art designs, the trend has something for everyone.

In order to add a little something extra to your overall look, investing time in finding a perfect nail design that suits your personality is a worthwhile endeavour.This stunning design puts an edgy metallic twist on ballet pink.To get started, apply a base coat to your nails, and fill a dish with warm water.

However, after numerous unsuccessful attempts to stick that foil on my nails, simply getting it to stick to the nail seemed impossible, let alone attempting any nail art pattern.You can go to your nearest salon and request a full-on piece of art on your nails.

Painting nails with just the brush can get boring, but being able to do it in water is much more entertaining and intriguing.Home Amazing Nail Nail Arts Nail Designs Nail Pholish Nail Styles Nail Designs How To.

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Transform your traditional manicure to one that is bold and expressive with inspiration from our nail art gallery.The nail wall is tapered to end in a round peak, similar to the shape of an actual almond.Finally, let the design on your nails dry before adding a clear top coat.Once it is placed where you want it press the scotch tape down onto your nail securely.

When it comes to creating a striking nail design, sometimes less is more.

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Nail Art Dedicated to the infinite joys of nail art and design: handpaint, airbrush, colored acrylics and gels.With easy-to-follow nail art tutorials, your next new nail art creation awaits.The best way to learn how to do a nail design is to follow the instructions through pictures where each step is presented.Each weekday, Nailpro selects one gorgeous nail design from our followers.

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